10 Art-Project Ideas For Pre-schoolers

10 Art-Project Ideas For Pre-schoolers

An important part of preschool education is engaging the child in art activities. Children who are interested in art activities not only grow up to be creative individuals but they also tend to be more appreciative to hard work and develop a sense of empathy. Some very simple art ideas for preschoolers can be inexpensive yet thought provoking and creative.

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Here are 10 such ideas.

Finger painting � Children love to get messy bring on the colors and encourage them to dip their fingers and then make impressions on paper to draw.

Stencil art � Give children stencils and ask them to fill in colors. One interesting idea is using shapes stencils and letting children form drawings with shape designs.

Feather painting � Children love making impressions. A simple feather can unleash serious creativity among the kids. A feather and some colors in the hands of a preschooler ca do magic.

Scrape painting � An old credit card or a business card will replace the traditional brush. Children love concepts of scrape painting to a great degree as it appeals to their sensory-motor skills.

Prints � It is simply amazing to watch a muffin tray can become an important equipment in printing and designing in the hands of a child. They make impressive patterns and designs.

Tie and dye � Make a simple tie and dye project with the little ones. You can conveniently use rubber bands and make mixture of fabric paints to engage in the tie and dye making.

Comb pattern � Squeeze some color n to the canvas and let the kids comb through and make interesting patterns and designs.
Tape art � Children love experimenting. Cover a canvas with tape in any pattern of choice, let the children color it off. Each section can have their own colors. After completing it, remove the tapes carefully and enjoy the art work.
Color cubes � Melt colors and freeze them. Encourage the kids to mix the color cubes as they melt. This will give them a great introduction to mixing colors to get their desired outcome.

Spray painting � Use a toothbrush to spray paint. Let the child dip in any color they may chose and then spray paint. An fun initiation like this to spray painting gives the child an awesome experience.
Kids always love when their art work has a purpose. It can be a birthday card decoration for Grandma or can go up on the fridge. Motivate the kids to get creative. They will amaze you with the beauty that thy can only see and recreate.

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