How can musical instrument training develop your discipline?

“Through discipline comes freedom,” the famous philosopher, Aristotle once said. Discipline is the self-control that we possess and becomes important when we have set to achieve certain goals in life. By having self-control, we know when to restrain or keep pushing ourselves to fulfill bigger dreams.

On the other hand, lack of discipline can cause major problems notwithstanding someone’s age. This is because discipline is closely related to managing responsibilities. Imagine not having enough discipline while in school or at work. That person might not care about being late to class or to the office. The same goes about returning his or her homework on time or submitting important reports before the due dates. We can also say it is like the tip of an iceberg, if left floating without warning, may lead to a ship as big as Titanic to sink.

This is the reason why nurturing children and ourselves to be a well-disciplined person is a worthwhile effort in the long run. One way to achieve this is through playing musical instrument. However, not all classes are created equally, signing up for music classes at a professional center can benefit your learning profoundly. Head over to to find out more about why and how playing instrument can turn you into a person with discipline. Richard Alleyne mentioned about this in The Telegraph.

Playing musical instrument can develop self-discipline

“For children especially we found that learning to play the piano for instance teaches them to be more self-disciplined, more attentive and better at planning. All of these things are very important for academic performance, so can therefore make a child brighter. Read more here!

Learning to play musical instrument helps to develop self-discipline, and it follows that self-discipline contributes to better academic performance. Once the children have better self-control and understand the importance of achievement, they have all the drives to work harder and longer to grasp their dreams, be it academic or non-academic! These are the attributes owned by successful individuals. The attributes is the biggest investment because it will stay with them into the future, due to hundreds of musical instrument lessons they had attended. Imagine having to practice for several hours to achieve perfection for a piano performance. Without self-control, who can survive the boring repetition? Otherwise, they would not be able perform their musical pieces at certain acceptable standard in front of the audience.

Perseverance is the key in their success, as explained by a musical talent, Chris Ellis in Lifehack. And he said discipline is also related to time management. Read on the quotes in her own words.

Time management is the key to master a musical instrument

  1. Learning music helps you become better at managing your time.

Practice is a big part of learning music and practice takes time. Time must be factored in to your already busy day. Your practice time must then become efficient. Musicians who become great know that efficiency is the key component of music. Your movements must be extremely efficient in order to play fast passages. Your valuable practice time must be efficient so that you don’t waste it.

  1. Learning music teaches you to persevere until you get it right.

You have seen brilliant players on just about any instrument and in any genre. Brilliant playing doesn’t just occur. There is a lot of repetitive drill that goes on to create something that seems effortless. Learning to keep at something until it is perfect is a vital skill in life. Learning to take the time to go beyond ‘good enough’ and go for perfect is the first step toward proficiency in any subject. Read more here!

Time is the most important resource in our lives. It is said to be golden. It is measured by man-hours in business to be converted into profits. If we know how to make the most of our times, we are the luckiest persons on earth.

Playing musical instrument helps to develop self-discipline with regards to time management. When practicing instrument, the student must try to achieve efficiency because if not he or she will not be able to a good musician in the end. Familiarity with the concept of efficiency will finally rub off to other aspects of life, forming the person to be better at planning and managing time.

Elliot Crumpley in thinks that self-discipline is also important among elder people when it comes to practicing musical instrument.

Elder people also benefits from self-discipline while playing musical instruments

It Develops Discipline

Recently retired adults might be jubilant at the thought of endless free time but exercising some discipline can go a long way towards fully enjoying your golden years. An immense amount of focus and perseverance is required to eventually become a musical master, two traits that greatly improve certain cognitive and physical functions.

Not only that self-discipline is important among school children or adults. For retirees who join musical instrument classes, some self-discipline required during musical instrument practice will help them to feel more in control of their lives, especially after retirement when they no longer hold office at their respective workplaces and have lots of free times. While playing musical instrument and focusing on their musical pieces, they practice some self-control which helps to make their life more balanced.

Finally, once self-control has become part of someone’s daily life, the real freedom that Aristotle talked about will eventually materialize, because we can achieve whatever we want in life and hold ourselves to be responsible in everything we do. This real freedom of course, will lead to satisfaction and contentment that many people are looking for in life.