How is preschool education and teenage interlinked

Adolescence is the one of the most volatile periods in ones life. It is marked by puberty. This transition phase between childhood and adulthood is one of the most difficult times in ones life. Formally from thirteen to nineteen you are teenager, however, nowadays puberty usually begins much before thirteen. A teenager experiences many changes, both internally and externally there are several physical transformations along with hormonal and emotional change. Physically the body of both the girl and the boy changes. Girls start with menstruation and boys grow beard. Emotionally also there are many changes. Teenage is marked with overt sensitivity and emotional outbursts. Often during teenage people gain weight and become more conscious about their looks. People tend to grow inferiority or superiority complex and thereby are either bullied by peers or become a bully themselves. Development of sexual feelings is one of the most crucial changes that happen during teenage.

Schools have a crucial role to play in the lives of the teenagers. Peer pressure during teenage is immense and it is in school that one feels this peer pressure. Many schools have special counselling sessions for their adolescent students to make them aware of their changes and how to deal with them. No matter which school you apply now or RSVP now, one thing is for sure that preschools do play a vital role during adolescence. They also have counsellors who help children with behavioural issues and emotional upheavals. Teenage is a very impressionable age and what one learns in school stays for the rest of the life. Hence it is proven that along with family and friends schools too influence a teenagers education and overall growth.

Career choices:

During adolescence one is in middle and secondary school. It is during this time that another major aspect of life is needed to be decided, that is, one has to choose the field of higher education that will eventually influence ones career choice. Hence what education the child has received for all these years will greatly influence the childs career choice during secondary school.

Once again schools play a vital role in helping the teenager decide what career path he or she wants to take. For this they often appoint career counsellors as teenage is often marked with confusion and not all teenagers can understand what career path they want to pursue.

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