Is Learning How to Be Disciplined an Essential Facet in the Education System.2018

Is Learning How To Be Disciplined An Essential Facet In The Education System?

In every phase of life, there is a code of conduct expected for one to follow. In court, for instance, one cannot use the cell phone because it denotes lack of respect for the office. Ditto with the classroom, when children play truant, it is imperative to instill a sense of discipline, (not dictatorship). It prepares them for the future along with being respectful of others aside from the family.

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Learning to be disciplined is an essential facet of the education system because of these simple reasons.

Books and information provided cannot be treated with a lack of respect. Children need to learn that education is based on knowledge derived from content available in books and other forms of material. By learning to respect books provides children understand that this is also a form of discipline.
When a teacher enters the classroom, children are advised to stand up and show the person some respect. As a form of discipline, it helps kids inculcate a sense of pride that they have towards their educator. It also lets on that the teacher and student relationship is not on a sticky wicket but on the right track to attain laurels for the year.
Management of time is never easy for a child who may have to wait for the parents to drop her/him at school. Encouraging parents to be on time, is the right of a child. It also sets the tone that the child would like some discipline in the role models s/he has at home. By following the example that one child sets as s/he reaches school in time, so will the others.
Procrastination is something that should never be rewarded and any child that procrastinates with her/his homework should be discouraged. By following a schedule so that the homework for each day is attended to without fail, the little one is not pulled up in the classroom. It can set a bad precedence if s/he was not able to do so because of multiple reasons back home!
At a nursery school Singapore children are encouraged to take some time away from their studies. As they spend time playing in the great outdoors, they also exercise. It has been proven that time away from books for a while sets the mind in the right direction. By keeping it simple without too much of fuss, kids will be able to make time for play and some for work. It also disciplines the body and the mind.
The points go to prove that discipline is a part of any system. It starts in the early years. Once the child is able to get this down right, the rest will be a breeze.

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