Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends

Lately, every year has been quite an exciting one as far as the growth in digital marketing in Singapore is concerned. Last year witnessed a significant upward leap towards consumption of mobile content and innovative methodologies of approaching local marketing. Here are some top digital marketing tactics and trends that can help you to draw up your marketing strategy for 2015.

1. Real-time marketing is emerging

There is a segment of tech-savvy marketers who have already specialized in a relatively new trend called “real-time marketing”. But this trend has been in existence since Twitter became popular. It is a tactic that requires dedicated resources and manpower that all organizations may not have at their discretion. However, those people who have understood the importance of getting connected with their customer have reaped high dividends. A study has show that about 81 percent of marketers have seen an upward trend in customer engagement while 59 percent saw growth in conversion rates and 52 percent felt that there was improvement in brand perception.

2. Advertisement retargeting

“Ad retargeting” is a strategy where browser cookies are used to track the online movement of online users who visited your website. The products or services that these visitors viewed on your website are then showed to them through advertisements on some other websites that may have been surfing after leaving your site. In the world of advertising, they are known as “impressions”.

3. The increased use of social shopping

The new and improved “call-to-action” buttons that are available on social networking sites like Facebook have been trying to lure their users to do more online shopping while visiting their sites. One example of such an action button is “Buy Now”. Twitter, another popular social media site has also declared that they had been testing a “buy button” for all their branded tweets.

4. Increase in Video Marketing

Though video marketing is not a new phenomenon in the field of digital marketing, yet the last year has been particularly exciting for it. There has been a drastic increase in the number of video advertisements across various social media networks particularly on Instagram and Facebook. A recent study found that YouTube, another popular website enjoys higher customer engagement than even Facebook. Marketers have become immensely innovative and have started supplementing their contents and blogs into impressionable and quick videos so that conversions can be improved.

5. Content has diversified

Those days have indeed gone where the content strategy of a company constituted of only setting up blogs and then actively promoting them through their social media accounts. The volume of content is so huge that it can be quite overwhelming for customers and so they have started becoming selective n what they see and read. So, marketing content is no longer limited to only blogs but also to lists, videos, memes and info graphics and many more.

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